Saturday, September 2, 2017


For the last week or so I have been binge watching the old HBO series "OZ."

If you have never seen it, OZ was a lot like Game of Thrones back in the day.  Intense fighting, hot sex scenes and some hot cock shots, all set in a men's prison.

When it first came on, I never missed an episode, not so much because it was great television, but because of the sex and cock shots.

I always looked forward to someone being sent to the "hole" because it meant total nudity and usually cock.  OZ didn't disappoint my young need for dick, sexy men and dump and go sex.

It was where I first fell in love with Christopher Meloni with his hot body and mmmmm mmmm good scrumptious beefy dick!

Black, White, Latin, Asian, skinheads, bikers, it was all there on full display.

Some scenes had been embedded in my mind for years, the tattoo, Keller in the shower, O'Reily banging the guard, Adibese in the hole, the tatted-up biker dude in the hole, the neck-break blow job, it was all violent and raw and SO sexy!

I haven't gotten to the Schillinger "spoon" scene yet, but I know it is coming.

There are a number of today's major stars that began their careers on OZ and some stars of the day that used it for rebound after big hits, Christopher Meloni, J.K. Simmons, Ernie Hudson, Rita Moreno, Edie Falco, B.D. Wong, Charles S. Dutton and Luke Perry.

OZ holds up, I have boned and jerked off a number of times re-watching the show.  If you have never seen it, check it out on Amazon, if you have PRIME it is included on your free watch.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Frat Boy

During Freshman Kick-off the college I attended hosted an event in our gymnasium with information about the school, community, clubs etc.

The gym was packed and lots of older students were there to help us learn the lay of the land.

As I was strolling through the crowds my gay-dar honed in on a dark haired guy who was surrounded by lots of friends, wearing a frat jersey.  Something about him told me, JACKPOT, I want this guys cock.

I couldn't keep my eyes off of him, he wasn't that good looking, but something about his cockiness made me crave his dick.

For months I ran into him on campus, it seemed like he was always wearing a frat jersey or cap, always surrounded by others, but each time I saw him we would catch each other's eye and smile or nod.

There were two small bars in town and at that time the drinking age was 18.  Friday afternoons found both bars packed for quarter drafts.

One afternoon, some friends and I were at one of the bars and our group was positioned next to the frat guy's group.

He and I caught eyes several times and eventually ended up next to each other talking.  He offered to buy me a beer, when he returned he gave me my beer and went back to talking with his friends.

As the crowds began to thin from the afternoon and prior to going out on Friday night, we once again found ourselves talking.

As he prepared to leave, I summoned up my courage and asked him to give me a ride.

When he asked where I was going I responded "your place."

We left and as we drove towards his small rental house, that he shared with a couple of his frat buddies, our conversation was easy and friendly.

When we got to his house, no one was home and we walked directly into his room.

He asked "what do you want to do," and I responded "anything you want."

He laughed and said "no you have to ask for it."

"I want to suck your dick," I responded and with that he unzipped his jeans and let them fall.

His solid white briefs were packed and he pulled out a beefy thick cock.

As his underwear fell, so did I, to my knees and sucked his cock.  His thick cock stretching my mouth to get it all in.  He guided my head up and down on his dick and eventually positioned us on the bed with him lying back while I serviced him.

He played with my dick while I sucked him and eventually he blew his load all over my face.

We fell asleep in his bed, passed out from the afternoon cheap beers.

I was eventually awakened with his hard cock pressed against my ass.  After some casual humping on my ass, he got off the bed and pulled me to the side with my ass just at the edge.

He slid on a rubber and lubed my hole up good with 1, 2, 3 fingers and then slid his dick into me.

His thick cock was the largest I had had in my ass to that point and I instantly turned into a size queen.

He didn't fuck me long, but as he did he jacked my dick off, eventually making me shoot my load all over my stomach.  As I came, the contractions of my hole made him shoot too.

After he got off we both got dressed and he took me back to my dorm.

He fucked me many more times before he graduated, sometimes I just sucked him off in his car, sometimes when his roommates were in we would meet and he would fuck me bent over the back of his car.....  I loved those sessions and eventually found out he wasn't the only member of his frat who enjoyed cock, ass and throat.... but that's a story for another day!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Thanks for reading guys.  I am happy you all are reading my cumming-out stories.... I'll get the hang of this as  I go on, but I hope you are boned up as you read along.

I have a poll over in the right column asking when you came out.... it's anonymous..... would love to know who is reading.


Sunday, August 13, 2017

Man of Few Words

EDITOR'S NOT:  DO NOT do this, I was young and stupid!!!!

   Still in my first week of college I was cruising the bathroom I had found on my first night at college when the bathroom became too crowded.

I had already sucked one cock, but the other's in the room weren't really of interest to me, when a guy walked in, probably mid-30's, slim, attractive but not good looking.

He looked around and started to walk out, when he turned, looked at me and cocked his head for me to follow.... I did.

He walked out of the building with me following behind.

He walked towards a parking lot and got in his car and cranked up.  I got in.

Without saying a word, we drove out of the parking lot and off campus about 5 miles until he parked at a small non-descript house on the out-skirts of town.  I have to admit, I was nervous and not sure what I had gotten myself into.

I followed the guy into his house.  He stood facing me and unzipped pulling his soft cock out of his jeans "suck my cock," he said.

At his direction, I got on my knees and started sucking.

He worked his way out of his jeans while I sucked and eventually sat back in his chair for me to service him.

Guiding my head up and down on his cock, I sucked.  He never said a word, I just sucked.

I deep throated him, I teased the head, I licked his nuts and he just sat back and let me service him.

After a while my jaw was starting to get tired when he handed me a rubber and told me to "put it on my cock."

I did.

"Pull your pants off and turn around," I did.  He bent me over an ottoman with my hairless ass in the air.

I felt him squirt some lube on my ass and then he pushed his cock into my hole.  No getting used to it, no easy entry,  in the first stroke he was balls deep in me and started piston fucking my young ass.

A few minutes later he moaned and then pulled out.

"Get dressed."

I did, and within a couple of minutes we were in his car heading back to campus.  He never spoke on the drive and when we got back to campus he pulled into the parking lot and barely coming to a stop stated "get out," I did.

I rushed back to my room to jack off, this anonymous, dangerous, fuck me and leave me scene was a total turn on and I couldn't wait to jack off thinking about what had just happened.

Over the next year I would see him from time to time, I later learned he was a professor on campus, that left after my freshman year.

Each time I saw him, the scene repeated itself and I loved every minute of these anonymous service sessions.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Finding My Nirvana

When I was younger I could sniff out a cruisy bathroom like a heat seeking missile.  I never went to a mall, or restaurant, gas station or park that I didn't "have to go to the bathroom."

Back in the day, cruisy bathrooms were where I learned to love cock.  Usually located in an "out of the way" spot, off the beaten path, a cruisy bathroom could be anywhere and the jackpot of finding dick there was awesome.

On my first day at college I sought out where the cruisy bathroom would be.  That first evening, I left my dorm room at Georgia Southern College and made my way around campus exploring.

I checked out a few classroom buildings and the gym, I checked every bathroom in the Student Center and found some promising sites, but nothing was going on in any of them.  Some of those buildings would prove successful on other days.

My final stop was the former Student Union building located in the center of campus.  I started out downstairs next to a small restaurant to no avail and then made my way upstairs where I found my nirvana!

As I approached the second floor bathroom I could almost sense it, out of the way and when I opened the door to a small room that led to a second door into the main bathroom I knew I was home.

When the second door opened, two guys were standing at the urinals along the wall adjacent to a group of stalls along the same wall.

The two guys looked around as I came in and I made my way into the second of three stalls, noticing the last one was occupied.

I sat down and immediately got hard.  I could hear muffled noises and then the tap of the guys toes in the next stall proved me right.

After a toe tap of my own, I heard his door open and watched as he moved outside my door.  I could then hear the other two guys slurp on cock.

I opened my door and found a guy outside, obviously not a student, but a good looking guy in his late 20's that I would continue to service over the next four years.

I got on my knees there in the bathroom and took his cock in my mouth.  I sucked him until I heard the outer door open and we all rushed back into our "going to the bathroom" spots.

The new guy came and went and soon we were back to our tea-room fun.  I sucked the first guy off while the other two watched.  Not long after the guy I was blowing shot his load on the floor (back then, in the early days of the AIDS crisis, we didn't swallow) one of the guys at the urinals lost his load as well.

The two who had dumped cum left and the guy at the urinal made his way over and waved his dick for me to suck it...... I did.

After my second load of the night was dropped on the floor, I sat in the stall alone, that night I sucked off one more cock and got my dick sucked by a fellow freshman.

This was my first of MANY visits to that bathroom over the years and many loads of cum dropped on the floor.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Twink World Revisited

  I think I always knew I liked dudes.  From the time I was a young boy I had crushes on my friends and the older boys in school and always the High School Football players.

I used to watch wrestling on TV and those muscular male bodies rubbing against each other did something to me.

Like most young gay guys, of my generation, I couldn't wait for the SEARS catalog to come out, I would take it and turn directly to the men's underwear pages.  I guess you could say that was my first porn.

I didn't discover that I LOVED cock until I was a senior in high school, and once I got a taste for it, I couldn't get enough.

During my high school and college years and well into my 30's I was a twink.  Slight body, smooth, swishy and I used those attributes to my advantage.

Now many years later, I still reflect on those days and more often than not bone up..... oh, to be young again.

I am a child of the 80's, I came out in 82 and haven't looked back since.  My very first night away at college I found the cruisiest bathroom on campus and became a regular there for the next four years.

This blog will be used to retell those stories of a time when cock could be found on any corner or any aisle in the grocery store.  When behind the wall blow jobs were commonplace and the exchange of names was rare.

This blog will take you behind the scenes of the days when I could walk in a room and know I could get most any guy I wanted, for a night..... or 10 minutes, it really didn't matter.

I plan on keeping it as real as possible without fear of outing anyone because frankly, I didn't know most of their names anyway.

I hope you enjoy my stories and maybe relive some of your own pasts in my writing.  Let me know what you think and welcome to REFLECTIONS OF A TWINK!