Sunday, August 6, 2017

Finding My Nirvana

When I was younger I could sniff out a cruisy bathroom like a heat seeking missile.  I never went to a mall, or restaurant, gas station or park that I didn't "have to go to the bathroom."

Back in the day, cruisy bathrooms were where I learned to love cock.  Usually located in an "out of the way" spot, off the beaten path, a cruisy bathroom could be anywhere and the jackpot of finding dick there was awesome.

On my first day at college I sought out where the cruisy bathroom would be.  That first evening, I left my dorm room at Georgia Southern College and made my way around campus exploring.

I checked out a few classroom buildings and the gym, I checked every bathroom in the Student Center and found some promising sites, but nothing was going on in any of them.  Some of those buildings would prove successful on other days.

My final stop was the former Student Union building located in the center of campus.  I started out downstairs next to a small restaurant to no avail and then made my way upstairs where I found my nirvana!

As I approached the second floor bathroom I could almost sense it, out of the way and when I opened the door to a small room that led to a second door into the main bathroom I knew I was home.

When the second door opened, two guys were standing at the urinals along the wall adjacent to a group of stalls along the same wall.

The two guys looked around as I came in and I made my way into the second of three stalls, noticing the last one was occupied.

I sat down and immediately got hard.  I could hear muffled noises and then the tap of the guys toes in the next stall proved me right.

After a toe tap of my own, I heard his door open and watched as he moved outside my door.  I could then hear the other two guys slurp on cock.

I opened my door and found a guy outside, obviously not a student, but a good looking guy in his late 20's that I would continue to service over the next four years.

I got on my knees there in the bathroom and took his cock in my mouth.  I sucked him until I heard the outer door open and we all rushed back into our "going to the bathroom" spots.

The new guy came and went and soon we were back to our tea-room fun.  I sucked the first guy off while the other two watched.  Not long after the guy I was blowing shot his load on the floor (back then, in the early days of the AIDS crisis, we didn't swallow) one of the guys at the urinals lost his load as well.

The two who had dumped cum left and the guy at the urinal made his way over and waved his dick for me to suck it...... I did.

After my second load of the night was dropped on the floor, I sat in the stall alone, that night I sucked off one more cock and got my dick sucked by a fellow freshman.

This was my first of MANY visits to that bathroom over the years and many loads of cum dropped on the floor.

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